I'm an Earthling

I help you become your best self

I've been studying systems since childhood. When I began studying the natural systems of the human body and those of our planet, I was intrigued.
My true calling is within this domain, which is why I have been studying natural science, ecology and human physiology with deep devotion since 2005.

By understanding how these systems function and optimize our activities in accordance with reality, our true potential becomes an open opportunity.

This journey has healed me from a state where I had been given over 40 different kinds of medications over a period of 13 years, to live a healthy life completely liberated from that, and with great health.

I began studying coaching in 2012 and am eager to help my fellow human beings to shift our focus towards prosperity, optimal health, sustained happiness and abundance.

However, I am required to be selective about who I will coach and the first thing to understand is that there is a fundamental difference between coaching and therapy.

Coaching is focused on enhancing and enabling the healthy part of ourselves whereas therapy is aimed towards helping someone in need.

Let's attain optimal health together