I'm an Earthling

I enjoy writing

I started writing my first book Life's Reminders in 2018 after having thought about it for some years.

My initial idea was to make it a white hardcover book without title or anything other than the actual text inside. I would then have some copies made and leave them around the planet for those who were curious enough to read.

At that point, the book didn't have a title and I avoided giving it one until a while after it was finished. It was my son who said "You should call it Life's Reminders".

I first wrote a list of all the words I love the most. It required some time to complete the list and then I thought that I would write a book that included all those words.

Another thing about Life's Reminders is that it is completely positive. I took great care to write every sentence stated in the positive.

The final feature that I wanted to fulfill was that you should be able to open and read it from any page.

The narrative of the book is available as a video series which you can view here.

I wish you all the beauty of life