I'm an Earthling

I develop applications

Besides creating AI applications, I've been programming since I was a child.

Over the years, I've honed my skills and expertise in various programming languages and technologies. In 2002, I embarked on my journey into web design and development, and by 2009, I ventured into professional system development.

I first started learning C++, Java, HTML. Then, when I started working I learned CSS, Python, VBA, Java/TypeScript and SQL. Today I mostly use Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL.

These days, I have three pillars of web development: Ruby on Rails, Python, and Java/TypeScript. These technologies have enabled me to build robust and scalable applications and allows me to explore the dynamic intersection of full-stack development.

Ruby on Rails emphasizes convention over configuration, and enables me to rapidly build sophisticated web applications. I use PostgreSQL as the database of choice and craft data-driven solutions that perform seamlessly with Redis and Sidekiq.

Python has been an essential companion since 2008 when I created the Alarian Mod of Frets on Fire, providing me with a versatile and powerful language for sketching up functionality. From scripting automation to data analysis and machine learning applications, Python is my go-to tool.

Java/TypeScript, the cornerstone of interactive web experiences, is my third main programming language.

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